Mr Stephen McCartney Director of Technical Sales

Stephen has worked within the Aerospace and Guided weapons industry,

spending his career specialising in document security, production and sales.

Stephen held several managerial positions within Aerospace before

becoming a director of a very successful printing company which was

acquired by a large local group of companies. Stephen moved into consultancy

and along with Gary started GDPR-NI focusing solely the new GDPR regulations

and the need for sound professional advice which was lacking from the market

place within Ireland.


Mr Gary Christie Technical Director

Gary has over 25yrs experience working within the IT sector

in Northern Ireland providing Server based system management, hardware,

software and GDPR data security advice to businesses throughout Ireland.

This enables us to work directly with your IT department and provide system

penetration testing if required to highlight security shortfalls.

Gary trained as an electronic engineer moving into computing at an early stage of conception.

Gary has an in-depth knowledge of GDPR, electronic document security and is a security

penetration analyst.



Mr David Duncan Non Exec Director Lead Auditor

Our audit team is led by My David Duncan a qualified DPO who

has over 30 years’ experience in various technical, management

and leadership roles. As a lead ISO 27001 auditor he is experienced

in complex report writing completing many high-profile projects

including a significant role in a £16.8M Nacelles contract within

the Aerospace industry 

Mr Tom McGrath CBE Non Exec Director Risk Management

Our lead incident manager and risk director Mr Tom McGrath CBE

is a well-known and respected business man within the UK Insurance

Industry. He brings a wealth of knowledge and oversight on managing

and mitigating the risks to our clients. Tom works throughout the UK as

an expert witness for the international insurance industry and is currently

the outgoing chair of the Charities Commission NI.


Mrs Selina Allen Non Exec Director Disability Access

 Selina has worked within Health Care and is an expert in

Disability Language Access having worked in the field of speech and 

language therapy. Selina is also a qualified Disability Counsellor and brings

a wealth of experience in disability consent to our team. Selina produces all

required policies and consent forms in a easy read format. This service alone

sets us apart from our competition.


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