DPO Outsourcing

The GDPR regulations make provision for companies to outsource their DPO services to an experienced third party. This ensures that the position is filled by an experienced DPO who has the necessary knowledge and IT experience to fill the role without any of the conflicts of appointing an internal DPO. It also makes financial sense to outsource your DPO role as you only pay a fraction of the employment expenses necessary in a full time role. We provide a professional service that gives you a DPO available not only at the end of the phone but available to attend your premises within a 4 hour period. 

Our audit and DPO team is led by My David Duncan a qualified DPO who has over 30 years’ experience in various technical, management and leadership roles. As a lead ISO 27001 auditor he is experienced in complex report writing completing many high-profile projects including a significant role in a £16.8M Nacelles contract within the Aerospace industry.


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